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Just nu 10% rabatt om ni handlar för över 1000kr!
Just nu 10% rabatt om ni handlar för över 1000kr!

Sharpen the family's skis

We get a lot of questions about how to go about sharpening the family's alpine skis in a simple way.

The basis for sharpening the family's skis is really only a file holder, a file and a sharpening point. Then it is of course easier if you also have a good ski holder to attach the skis to when you sharpen them.

We start with the holder for the file & the sharpener. We recommend a holder with a built-in screw clamp, it is much more stable and easier to use than a file clamp. Choose a holder that has an 88 degree angle, it is suitable for all skiing.

Here you will find our various file holders:

For the file holder, you need a regular file that you use to get the new angle on the steel edge and file your dull steel edges. We recommend a medium file with around 16 lines per centimeter.

Here you will find our files for sharpening your steel edges:

You use the file quite sparingly and mostly if the edges have become really dull. You use a sharpener more frequently to maintain sharpness. With a whetstone in grain steel 400 it will be very sharp.

Here you will find our brows to maintain the sharpness of your steel edges:

With the above products, for skiing on normal ski slopes, even if the family is very skilled, you will find that you always have razor sharp edges. Other products and the brows we sell are more for competitive skiing and steep icy slopes.

We can recommend the following items:

File holder :

File :

Bryne :

Don't forget big rubber bands to remove the ski brakes that otherwise get in the way when you have to sharpen your skis.

If you want to work easily and have a good bench, it is a good idea to buy a couple of sturdy ski holders to attach the skis to while you work on them: