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Valla cross-country skis - Basic preparation of new cross-country skis

If you have bought a new ski, you can follow these steps.

New ski:

If it is the first time you are riding your new skis, you should do a basic preparation to saturate the surface.

  1. Sickle off the protective paraffin that may have been applied at the factory (see the video below). Then draw a few strokes with a brass, fine steel brush or fibertex on the coating, to remove any micro hairs and open up the coating. Work from front to back.
  2. When you do basic waxing / saturation for a pair of classic skis, no preparation should be done on the attachment zone of the skis. See the following instructional video that applies to points 3, 4, and 5.

  3. Melt a soft glider or a cleaning & saturation paraffin with the wax iron on low heat (max. 120°C). Don't skimp!
  4. Sickle everything away while the glider is warm with a plastic or acrylic sickle (this is to clean the coating). Then brush off the coating with a nylon brush.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4, 3-4 times.
  6. Melted into a soft glide. Let cool indoors for about 15 minutes, drain and brush (brass brush).
  7. Melt in a hard glider, such as green or black, preferably graphite. Let cool indoors for about 15 minutes, drain and brush (brass brush).
  8. If you are not now going to ride on skis and go on the skis immediately after this basic waxing, leave the last layer unsickled until you later go on to ride and go skiing.

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