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Skigo Soft Cleansing/Saturation 1000g

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You should use SKIGO's XC Yellow Servicepack to cover the sliding surfaces of your skis when it's time to store them for the summer or when you need to saturate or clean your skis.

SKIGO always recommends saturating the coating on a new ski or after a grind, so that the coating stays fresher for much longer and does not dry out.

When cleaning the coating, you remove very old paraffins and particles that the coating has attracted. SKIGO's XC Servicepack series is designed for clubs/associations, shops or others who flock a lot.

The three variants SKIGO has developed cover from -15°C to +15°C and are suitable for all snow types.

This particular product is the yellow variant for cleaning, saturation and warm temperatures.

Snow type

Temp ºC
+15 to 0

• For those who herd a lot
• Wide temperature range
• Cover the coating when storing
• Cleaning and saturation

The whey block weighs 1000g.

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by Skigo