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Carrot Sidewall Grinder

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Machine for professional removal of the side edge of skis. The conical milling wheel creates a stronger steel edge through sloping slope on the side edge and thus gives a more dynamic bend to the ski. Unique on the market!

Carrot by Comax - Electric Sidewall Grinder

An important thing to consider, which many neglect: In most conditions, the edge of the ski comes into contact with the surface in the turns - A perfectly ground side edge will make you get a faster ski, with better placement as a result. Every hundredth counts in alpine skiing! After a perfect sanding - Glidvalla side edge!

After years of development and design, Comax has released an electric machine grinder to remove the sidewall of skis. This is necessary to be able to grind the steel edges in a good way.

The goal of the machine was that it would do a better job in less time than other machines - and they have certainly succeeded.

Thanks to three different working methods inside the machine, it leaves a professionally sanded edge wall. The machine was immediately patented to protect its unique construction as there is nothing like it on the market.

As with all Carrot's products, it is ergonomic and easy to use, and after just a few sharpenings you will master the machine to the full.

The grinding head is enough for around 1000 pairs of skis and is available as an accessory if you use the machine a lot.

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