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Just nu 10% rabatt om ni handlar för över 1000kr!

Sidecut World Cup filhållare för diamantskivor

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Want one simple & easy to use tool that works to keep your edges ultra sharp? Try SIDECUT Diamond Guides. They're the smartest innovation in side-edge sharpening technology.

  • Clever design allows you to file with your File Guide and stone with your Diamond Guide without exchanging files for stones.
  • Dedicating your Diamond Guide to polishing & your File Guide to filing makes for a much cleaner system especially when using SIDECUT edge oil or other lubricant on your diamond stones.
  • When you're not constantly exchanging the file for the diamond stone on one particular File Guide you're more efficient saving valuable time.
  • Diamond Guides are small enough to carry in your pocket or pack & sharpen between runs on those really hard-packed days.
  • Safest & simpliest tool to learn with, decreasing the potential risk of damage done by a novice using a file on a File Guide.
  • Perfect if you're new to tuning or wish to teach younger children how to maintain their edges.
  • The ultimate stand alone tool to maintain daily edge grip.
  • Our WC Diamond Guides are precision machined aluminium and have a stainless steel anti-friction glide plate giving it a much nicer feel.
  • Come with steel thumb knob specifically designed to hold SIDECUT Diamond Discs.
  • Diamond Guides are machined to exactly the same tolerances as our File Guides and are colour anodized to match.
  • Come in 92º,93º & 94º degrees only (most popular angles).
***Remember to choose your Diamond Disc(s) which come in 120, 200, 400, 600 or 1000 grits to remove burrs, sharpen and polish - sold separately.***

  • A 92º Diamond Guide gives you an 88º or 2º side-edge bevel. Some companies label their guides as 88º or 2º degrees. They are all the same.
  • It's better to have at least two Diamond Discs - 1 x 120 or 200grit for removing burrs and sharpening and 1 x your choice of 400, 600 or 1000 grit for polishing. If you're using this as a stand alone edge tuner and choosing only one disc - we recommend a 400grit disc.
  • The benefits of Diamond Discs vs. traditional rectangular stones is simple: they last longer because you can easily spin the disc, thereby using every bit of the diamond surface. Whereas with a rectangular stone you'll get a continual linear wear area that can't be reached on the File Guide.
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