Sidecut Stålborste Oval - med handrem och transportpåse

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SIDECUT Oval 'special' Soft Steel Brush is one directional brush used as your first brush before waxing, for superior base cleaning, renewal and revitalization of your base. Also, used as your first brush after waxing to re-open the base structure and known for the finest texturing. The soft steel brush is also essential to help extract the micro-hairs in the base that are commonly left behind after a ski or board has been ground by a machine in a shop. These small hairs cause drag and severely reduce the glide on your bases.


  • Comes with a fully adjustable velcro strap to fit any size hand.
  • Includes a high quality storage bag to protect it from dirt and other impurities that can damage the base and slow you down.
  • Has a very soft and dense steel bristles on the inside and a row of soft nylon bristles around the outer edge used "as sweepers" for collecting wax and dirt particles.
by Sidecut