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Used by those who already have a SIDECUT Sidewall Removal Tool or Sidewall Adapter Kit and need to replace their cutter.

  • The Round Standard cutter (gold) is typically used for 'sandwich' construction skis. They are more universal than square cutters and work well on all skis and particularly for those new to removing their sidewalls.
  • The Round Sharp cutter (grey) have a sharp edge and therefore work amazingly well on certain brands of skis, typically harder sidewalls found typically on competitive skis.
  • The Square cutter is typically used for 'cap' construction skis however it also works well on all types of skis and boards especially for those who are more naturally skilled with their hands.
  • The Multi cutter has two round corners and two square corners for those who want to be able to do all types of sidewall with the same tool.
The cutting characteristics of our cutters are the best we've tested and will last for years. Easily interchangable on our tools.
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