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Just nu 15% rabatt om ni handlar för 1000kr!

Sidecut Diamantskivor - Utbytesark

209 kr - 209 kr
209 kr
209 kr
209 kr - 209 kr
209 kr
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Why buy an entirely new Diamond Disc when you can simply replace the worn out Diamond surface?

Easily peel the self-adhesive Diamond Disc and stick onto your Sidecut Backing Disc. Saving you money and allowing you to replace the diamond when needed. Watch our video to see how easy it is. 

  • 120 & 200 grits are used for sharpening, removing burrs and for hardened edges. Great for getting your edges back to the angle your desire quickly without using a file.
  • 400 grit is used for sharpening and polishing. A great disc to carry in your pocket on the mountain also.
  • 600 grit is used for fine polishing.
  • 1000 grit is used when you desire an extra high polish and are concerned about hundredths of a second or really care about how the edges perform on the hardest snow surfaces.
by Sidecut