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Fixed cross-country skis with adhesive

Cleaning - We start by removing old glue

  1. Scrape off the old adhesive wall with a sickle and a guideway sickle, we recommend that you use a special one Fästwalasickel together with fiber lene cloth when you scrape off the old adhesive. Then hang up Wax Remover, make sure it does not end up on the sliding surfaces. Wait for 30 seconds. Wax Remover dissolves remaining glue. Now you can wipe the attachment zone with Fiberlene. In the case of adhesives, a fibertex cloth is preferably used first. Then let the ski rest for 10 minutes so that all the wax residue evaporates.

    Cleaning the attachment zone from old adhesive tape:

Adhesive walling

  1. A tip is to preferably apply adhesive indoors in the heat.

  2. Rough up the attachment zone. Drag a piece of sandpaper (P80-P120) on the attachment zone of the ski so that the surface is roughened. This means that the wall adheres better to the surface.

  3. First put a very thin layer of hard glue at the bottom, for example Blue or Violet glue. Thin stripes every 10 centimeters. See the movie.

  4. Now you can put the sticker that suits today's pre. A tip is to preferably use a hot air gun or similar to heat the adhesive with. Avoid open flames on the skis as much as possible.

  5. Don't be afraid to hang up. Fairly thick cliques 3-4 centimeters apart. Many put on too thin. (It is only when fresh snow is falling right at zero that you should be careful with thick layers of glue.) Smooth with your thumb or brick. See the movie.

  6. Let the skis cool down outside before you hit the trail. Important!

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