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Valla alpine skis - Cleaning of alpine skis

If you want to clean your existing skis, you can follow these steps.

    Cleaning of existing skis:

    1. Start by brushing a couple of times in the direction of travel with a fine wire brush or brass brush to open up the coating.
    2. Melt in a soft glider or one cleaning & saturation paraffin with the cast iron on low heat (max 120°C). Don't skimp!
    3. Sickle everything away while the glider is warm with a plastic or acrylic sickle. Old paddy and dirt in the skid are now included in this sickling. Then brush off the coating with a nylon brush.
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 a couple of times until the sickled slider looks clean.
    5. Melt in a soft glider or a cleansing & saturating paraffin . Now let it cool indoors for about 15 minutes, drain and brush with a brass brush.
    6. Melt in a hard glider, such as green or black, preferably graphite. We think Starts RG Glider Green is the very best. Leave to cool indoors for approx. 15 min, drain and brush approx. 10-15 strokes with a brass brush and medium pressure. If you use a steel brush, there will be about 4-6 strokes instead. If you are not going to ski and ski immediately after this cleaning and priming, leave this last layer unslicked until you are going to ski and ride.
    7. Now go to the gliding wax guide and select paraffin / gliding wax according to the current weather.


    Repeat this treatment a few times during the season and you will get an optimal glide and a ski that lasts for many days on the slopes.

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