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Waxing family's slalom skis

We get a lot of questions about how to easily store the family's alpine skis. Here's a suggestion for you!

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The basis for easily and efficiently grooming the family's slalom skis is a couple of different hand brushes and floating glides. Then it's much easier if you also have a good ski holder to attach the skis to when you're piling them.

We start with the bronze brush to brush away old wax from the surface of the ski and open up its pores to receive new wax. You can very well use the smaller, more affordable rectangular brushes, you don't have to pay for the more expensive oval brushes.

Here you will find our different bronze brushes:

Now the ski is ready for gliding. Floating sliding wall is what counts. You avoid cast iron. You don't have to sickle off the remaining sliding paddock from the coating and thoroughly litter your paddock area. The work effort will be much, much less. Nowadays, the development of floating sliding walls has come so far that they are almost as durable as solid sliding walls that you melt on the ski. In cross-country skiing, they also run the 5-mile course with floating chutes nowadays, so that a long day on the ski slope is no problem.

There are floating chutes too all temperatures but if you really want to slide past everyone on the transport routes or if you are piling the skis for your future alpine star in the family, we recommend that you buy three different pips that cover all temperatures.

Here you will find our floating slide ramps:

The liquid sliding wall feels good to be corked into the surface of the ski, it is then heated by the heat of friction and thus adheres better and becomes more durable. After that, the coating must be polished to a glossy finish for the best glide, this is done with a nylon brush.

Here you will find our corks for rubbing into the ski slope:

Here you will find our different nylon brushes:

With these products, for skiing on normal ski slopes, even if the family is very good, you will find that you always have a good glide. This also works great if you have children who have started ski school and are at the beginning of their competitive career.

We can recommend the following items:

Bronze brush:

Start Liquid Red +10 / -2

Start Liquid Purple -2 / -8

Start Liquid Blue -6 / -15


Nylon brush:

Don't forget hearty rubber bands to get rid of the ski brakes that otherwise get in the way when you have to hold your skis.

If you want to work easily and have a good bench, you should buy at these affordable prices ski holder to attach the skis to while you work on them: