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Bulk customer discount

Time to shop big?

At first glance, being a skier may appear to be a relatively cheap interest as it is usually the experience you are looking for. But the more engaged you become, the more purchases tend to increase. There must be bought a bank bench, bank iron, motor-driven brushes and countless different banks for all kinds of different bows.

We at constantly strive to be your most economical option and now it will be yet more beneficial to shop with us! We believe that it should pay off to make large purchases and therefore we want to reward your large-purchase customers a little extra.

Today, we are also many consumers and companies who want to contribute to a better environment. One of the easiest and fastest ways to make ends meet is to make sure to get all your shopping done on a few more big purchases, instead of small shopping often. By making larger purchases, we reduce emissions together and ensure that our deliveries are as smart and efficient as possible. Another beneficial bonus with this will also be reduced shipping costs for you as a customer.

As for?

If you shop for over SEK 1,000 at one and the same time, we offer a 10% discount!

How do I?

The discount is deducted automatically at checkout, so all you have to do is shop for at least SEK 1,000.

A good tip is to add consumables to your order because you will always need them sooner or later.