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Just nu 15% rabatt om ni handlar för 1000kr!

Sidecut World Cup Skidfil 250mm 12tpcm

269 kr - 269 kr
269 kr
269 kr
269 kr - 269 kr
269 kr
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A precision ski specific file is paramount to achieving high quality work on your edges.


  • The 250mm x 25mm / 10 x 1 inch SIDECUT file is best for used base-edge filing and for top-sheet removal.
  • Fits perfectly in our SIDECUT base bevel guides.
  • 12 teeth per cm delivers a medium cut.
  • The longer 250mm file works better than shorter 100mm files for base-edge work because you can continuously move the file when it loads up with debris. 
  • This is European made file and preferred exclusively by many professional technicians.


  • Tip: eliminate filings binding up between the file and the base-edge by using only 150mm and 250mm length files.
  • Remember to finish with a SIDECUT Diamond or Ceramic Stone for optimal finish of your base-edges.
by Sidecut