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Ever struggle to figure out why your skis or board doesn't feel right - even after a grind? Here's a solution. A Base-Edge Bevel Meter.


  • This is a beautifully precision engineered Base-Edge Bevel Meter accurate to 0.01º degrees.
  • It's used to measure the amount of base-edge bevel or angle you have on your skis or snowboards.
  • Have you ever been skeptical as to what base-edge degree the shop actually put on your base edge? Then this tool is the easiest and most accurate way for you to check base bevel, whether you're doing it yourself or validating the work done by a machine. You'll be amazed how often it's not what you thought.
  • Once you use this tool you'll appreciate the important insight into understanding how only a very small change in base-edge bevel dramatically affects how your skis feel on the snow.
  • Comes in protective box with perfectly shaped rubber foam insert making it easy to access & assemble.
  • Includes LED light providing backlight enabling perfect measurements (see video above for use).
  • Easy to read digital display. I.e. 0.56 = 0.56º degrees of base-edge bevel.
  • Includes battery.

  • The set-up & accuracy of your base-edge bevel is related to both your strength, skill level and discipline (I.e. free-ride, SL, DH etc.).
  • It's crucial to get this 'just right' for the individual needs of the skier/rider, otherwise it can drastically impair skill development and ski/board performance.
by Sidecut