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20% på alla tillbehör fram till och med 18 september!
20% på alla tillbehör fram till och med 18 september!

Sidecut Rotoborste Mässing - 120mm

by Sidecut
479 kr

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The brass roto brush is typically used as your first brush before waxing for optimal base cleaning, renewal and revitalization of your base. Also, commonly used as your first brush after waxing to re-open the base structure. Brass roto brushes are also essential to help extract tiny hairs in the base that are commonly left behind after a ski or board has been ground by a machine in a shop. These small hairs cause drag and reduce glide.


  • 120mm length 
  • 12mm length bristles. 
  • An extremely efficient and effective way for base preparation, cleaning, wax removal and polishing of the base resulting in the ultimate gliding characteristics of your skis or board. 
  • It is recommended to use our Sidecut handle, axle and clear protective shield however our brushes may work with your existing hexagonal style handle shaft. Confirm your existing shaft length.