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Sidecut Polerolja - 15ml

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109 kr - 109 kr
109 kr
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Special SIDECUT side-edge cutting, polishing and cleaning oil - 15ml.  We recommend using this oil in combination with all of our SIDECUT Diamond products.

  • Applying on the side-edges creates smoother, faster edges that grip better on hard-pack and icy conditions. 
  • Tests have shown skis tuned with oil to be faster than those tuned without. 
  • Results of up to 0.75-1.5 seconds have been achieved on hard packed/icy flat surfaces, full length, gliding style SG/DH tracks with its use. 
  • Whether you're competing at a high level or just appreciate smooth and sharp edges, this is a must. 
  • Will extend the life of your diamonds up to 3 X when used to clean all Sidecut Diamond products after each use.
  • Helps prevent ice build-up on your edges and will not freeze.
by Sidecut