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Just nu 15% rabatt om ni handlar för 1000kr!

Sidecut Keramiskt brynset - från Tyrolit

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439 kr - 439 kr
439 kr
439 kr
439 kr - 439 kr
439 kr

TYROLIT Ceramic Files make both sharpening and polishing ski & board edges easy by means of three stones. Edges are gradually deburred, smoothed and sharpened. Three different grits: coarse, medium and fine enable cutting that is individually adapted to the snow conditions and ensure a high surface quality.   

The difference between Tyrolit files lies in their bond. While the Ceramic Files shown here have a ceramic bond and are stiff, Tyrolit Elastic Files (see below) have a resin bond and are slightly flexible.

  • Course: Grey 120 grit. For eliminating edge hardening or large-scaling on the edges caused by machines. To protect your steel files, this ceramic file can be used to repair particularly damaged edges. Can be used instead of steel files in certain cases.  

  • Medium: Berry 180 grit. Used after the course file for both sharpening and fine tuning of the edges. Can be used to remove small burrs as well. 
  • Fine: Pink 320 grit. This file ensures a precise cut. Used to remove small scratches as well as create smooth, finely-tuned polished edges. 

SUGGESTED USE: with SIDECUT Base Guides & File Guides.
CLEANING: use soap and water combined with 400 grit sandpaper if desired.  
DIMENSIONS: 100mm x 25mm 

Handmade in Tirol, Austria 
by Sidecut