Sidecut Elastiskt brynset - från Tyrolit

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489 kr - 489 kr
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TYROLIT Elastik Files are the optimal alternative to diamond stones for polishing and fine-tuning of your edges. Due to their elasticity, a uniform contact zone is achieved on the radius of all skis and boards. A must try!

The difference between Tyrolit files lies in their bond. While Tyrolit Elastic Files shown here have a resin bond and are slightly flexible, Ceramic Files (see below) have a ceramic bond and are stiff. Typically, Elastik Files are used after Ceramic Files.

  • Course: Marine Blue. For fine polishig of the edge surface. Gives the edge an extremely high and long-lasting sharpness.
  • Fine: Aqua Blue. For the finest polishing of the edge surface and the removal of the finest burrs.

SUGGESTED USE: with SIDECUT Base Guides & File Guides.
CLEANING: use soap and water combined with 400 grit sandpaper if desired.
DIMENSIONS: 100mm x 25mm

Handmade in Tirol, Austria
by Sidecut