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Nanox CFX II Race Wax - 20grams

by Sidecut
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Ever get overwhelmed with the complexity, time and expense of your current RACE wax system? No need to with Nanox CFX II Race wax.


  1. With Nanox CFX II you only need ONE race wax for all snow conditions & temperatures.
  2. With Nanox you cannot choose the wrong wax on race day.
  3. Nanox has the simplest & fastest application of any waxing system.
  4. Nanox CFXII lubricants have the highest & unequalled gliding properties of any race wax and is up to 5% faster on all snow types.
  5. CFX II stays in your base longer than other race waxes and is extremely resistant to abrasion yet still has minimal friction.
  6. It's non-toxic. Nanox CFX II race wax DOES NOT contain any Fluorocarbons.
  7. Saves you money because you're buying only one race wax not several colours and layers.
  8. 20 grams will wax 1-2 pairs of adult skis or 2-3 junior skis and 1-2 snowboards.

Nanox CFXII is the lastest in Nanox race wax development and used for all your alpine, snowboard and nordic competitions .


  1. Clean the base with your preferred method (see options in video below).
  2. Drip wax onto base and iron in at approximately 150-160ºC/302-320ºF (will vary depending on iron).
  3. Remove the wax while it is still lukewarm (after approximately 2 minutes) with a sharp SIDECUT 3mm or 5mm scraper. 
  4. Brush immediately with the SIDECUT nylon oval brush only. 
  5. Re-brush/polish after the base has completely cooled and bring to a high sheen finish.


  1. Optional: do 1-2 short training runs and re-brush vigorously with a SIDECUT nylon brush before you start. 
  2. Always re-brush vigorously with a SIDECUT nylon brush before your second run. 
  3. Optional: Use Supernano II if desired. See Supernano II.


  1. With ALL NANOX products, leaving the waxes on longer does NOT make the skis faster. We recognise these simple waxing protocols may not be what you're used to, however once you realise that you are faster with NANOX you'll appreciate the system.
  2. To guarantee optimal performance with NANOX, it is required that the structure of the base conforms to the snow conditions and that the ski has been ground absolutely flat and fiber-free.
  3. With constant use Nanox not only protects the base by lasting longer but also creates changes to the base at the molecular level - known as “higher ground speed”. Use it exclusively and see the difference.