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The Ski Tuning Shed

Welcome to our Vallabod! We have big plans for this one and have just started building it. If it had been a physical barn, we could say that we only had time to lay the foundation. But we will work on it as quickly as we can and build on this to include most of the ski maintenance and herding.

There is an endless amount that can be said about Skidvalla. We are also aware that there are more piling experts and more different opinions about how piling and maintenance of skis should be done than there are piling cans in our warehouse...

We do not claim that the guides we write down here are the best or the most correct - but it is a very good foundation that will suit most people.

Valla guide Cross-country skiing

Valla guide Alpine skiing

Grinding guide Steel edges

Picture of guy riding skis

"The road to the top begins in the basement!"

"Skiing on really rounded skis, with good glide and rock grip is a pleasure"

"We are convinced that the limited time you spend on maintaining your skis is time well invested for a great skiing experience"