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Valla alpine skis - Valla equipment

What do you need to have in your walla box? Here is a small guide with the most necessary things!!

The things below can also be good to have but are absolutely not a must

  • Thermometer to measure the snow temperature
  • Machine-driven brushes, so-called roto brushes you fasten on screwdrivers

Don't forget good ventilation or protective mask


You need at least three different ones slide ramps

  • A red for around +4 / -4 degrees
  • A blue for around -6 / -12 degrees
  • A green or black, preferably graphite wool, -10 / -20 degrees. This is used as a base for all competitions because it is durable. You can of course also use it to ride clean as it is if it is the specified temperature.
  • When there are a lot of plus degrees, there is hardly any need for skidding. It has such poor wear resistance that it doesn't stay on for long anyway.

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