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ScanGlide's story started in 2012 when they became aware of how harmful fluorocarbons in whey products are. They then stood in a barn where smoke from the application of powder products filled the room.

At the time, the focus on this with fluorine berms was not so great, but the founders of ScanGlide were convinced that it was not good for those working with ski berms, or for nature. At the same time, they heard rumors that many who worked on herding skis did not feel so well after a while in a foggy herding shed.

The challenge for ScanGlide was to build an environmentally friendly product that could compete with fluoride. Without a doubt, fluoride was what worked best and despite it being harmful, the vast majority - both elite skiers and parents who shepherded their children's skis - chose to use this.

Over two years of research, trial and error, they came up with the recipe they use in the Nanoglider MT, CT, XCT, XR and Topping. The result is fantastic! Many have tested these and the answer is clear; They notice no difference between whey from ScanGlide compared to other products that contain toxic fluorocarbons.

In 2017, ScanGlide felt completely convinced to launch its ramps to the elite class as well. With ScanGlide's products, everyone who skis experiences a new day of skiing.

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