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Just nu 10% rabatt om ni handlar för över 1000kr!
Just nu 10% rabatt om ni handlar för över 1000kr!
Välkommen - Carrot by Comax -

Welcome - Carrot by Comax

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Comax was founded in the post-war period on the initiative of Presiese Carlo Codega as a company for the production of scissors and cutting tools. The business, which has now been taken over by the founder's heirs, continues to develop and live on.

The passion for winter sports and alpine skiing at the elite level led Massimo Codega and his sons Carlo and Ivan to develop a side edge grinder that is easy to use, perfect in function and flexible in shape and size. In 2008, the idea to design and develop a technically advanced grinding wheel for steel edges was born. The work with continuous research, experimentation, collaboration with researchers and industry professionals, has led to Comax developing Carrot, which has been available with its products on the market since 2011.

"We sharpened blades for 60 years. Our long history of scissors producer has never stopped challenging the future. Our innovation is intuition, continuous research and experimentation, union of cutting-edge technologies, manual knowledge and... passion for skiing!"

A tip, when you read about Carrot's walla. They indicate the temperature range of the embankments according to the snow temperature, not the air temperature as most other embankments do. It does, e.g. that their warm walls go from 0 to -8 degrees. Snow cannot be warmer than zero degrees, then it melts

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